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While Jordans victory could help set a precedent for foreign companies seeking to protect their intellectual property rights, more legal action is needed for global brands to capture the upper hand in their fight against Chinas copycats. Read about Apples trademark issues with its iPhone brand in China Perhaps if we see a few more decisions like this then it might seem that the tide is turning, but right now this seems like an anomaly, said Matthew Dresden, a lawyer at Seattle-based Harris Moure, which produces the China Law Blog. The vast majority of decisions are still in favor of the trademark squatters, because the way you get trademark rights in China is by filing a trademark application, not by being famous. More from Bloomberg.com: Dear Mr. Trump, About Those U.S. IPhones Qiaodan Sports,a family-owned businessbased in southern Fujian province, had registered its trademark more than a decade ago. Jordan sued the see page company in 2012, arguing it had damaged his legal rights to his name and asking that Qiaodan Sports trademark registrations be removed. Lower courts had ruled in favor of the Chinese company. Iam happy that the Supreme Peoples Court has recognized the right to protect my name through its ruling in the trademark cases, Jordan, whos also chief executive officer of Nikes Jordan brand, said in an e-mailed statement after the ruling. Chinese consumers deserve to know that Qiaodan Sports and its รองเท้าผ้าใบ products have no connection to me. More from Bloomberg.com: Koch Industries Says House GOPs Tax Plan Could Be Devastating Court-side Ads The court ruled that the trademark for Jordans Chinese name should be returned to Chinas State Administration for Industry and Commerce to be re-awarded.

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