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But while Google is working to anticipate your needs, Amazon is readying itself to be the only place you need to go to fulfill them. Thinking about Amazons restraints the company has never tried to introduce a social network or an email service, for example you can understand something about the future Amazon seems to envision: A time when no screen is needed at all, just your voice. Photo illustration by Adam Ferriss. Matthew Stockman / Getty Images. Anand Sanwal, the chief executive of CB Insights, a trend-forecasting start-up in New York, told me that Amazon has something that its competitors only dream of consumer attention and trust. In the last few years, Amazon has become the search engine for consumer products, instead of Google, he said. If youre going to buy something, and you already have an Amazon account, youre probably going to just buy it there. With Google, you still have to go to Amazon or Walmart. Amazon is investing in supply trailers, drones and รองเท้าวิ่ง แฟชั่น fulfillment centers to develop its own postal service and delivery system. And its still pushing its Dash buttons, those small pieces of hardware with one purpose: to order a single item from Amazon, like laundry detergent or dish soap. They seem unnecessary, until you consider them with all of Amazons other efforts: Its not just an everything store, or even an everything company, but an everywhere (and anytime!) store. The various products that Amazon is planning to roll out including Pantry and Fresh, its grocery service can be easily baked into default Alexa services.

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walk U.S. | Mon Jan 23, 2017 | 4:30pm EST Climate activist killed in Florida while on barefoot U.S. walk TAMPA, Fla. Florida authorities were investigating on Monday the death of an activist who was struck by a car and killed over the weekend while on a campaign to walk barefoot across the United States to draw attention to climate change concerns. Mark Baumer, 33, was walking on the shoulder of a road in Walton County in north Florida on Saturday afternoon when the driver of a Buick SUV swerved out of her lane and struck him, according to the Florida Highway Patrol. He died at the scene. Charges were pending, it said in a statement. No further information was available on Monday, and the crash remains under investigation, Florida Highway Patrol spokesman LieutenantEddie Elmore said in an email. Baumer was raising funds for the FANG Collective, which has opposed the natural gas industry, the group said on Facebook. "Mark was struck by a car while on his long journey walking across the country barefoot," the group said in a post. "Mark was doing the walk to raise awareness about climate change and to raise funds for FANG." The Rhode Island resident was chronicling his journey online.

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