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Caroline is fortunate, she has two older daughters who live fairly close by and she asked them to share in the care giving responsibilities. She feared she was the only one who could give her the attention she desired and, that she would be considered a “bad daughter” if she requested any time for herself. Recently, one of my clients, Caroline, set a reasonable boundary with her lie-in mother. No matter what time of day you decide on, make sure to communicate this new boundary with love, not as a way to vent about the past. By setting boundaries, we actually have MORE to give because our emotional and physical tank is full, rather than empty. Don't let pride stand in your way. When caring for an elderly parent, we need all the energy, rejuvenation time and emotional stamina we can muster. Set certain times for yourself when others know that you will not be available to them. Having boundaries enables the caregiver to separate their individual wants and needs from that of the person they are caring for.

Ariana Cubillos Breakfast street vendors and residents make their way in the morning in Caracas, Venezuela, Friday, Oct. เดลินิวส์ 3 กันยายน 2559 29, 2016. Some stores and schools are closed and rush-hour traffic noticeably lighter as many residents in the capital have stayed home to express their opposition to President Nicolas Maduro as part of a 12-hour work stoppage after authorities canceled a recall referendum seeking his removal. (AP Photo/Ariana Cubillos) CARACAS, Venezuela (AP) Some stores and schools were closed and rush-hour traffic was noticeably lighter Friday as many residents in Venezuela's capital stayed home to express their outrage at President Nicolas Maduro. The 12-hour work stoppage came as the opposition stepped up its campaign to force the embattled socialist from office after electoral authorities canceled a recall referendum seeking his removal. Senior officials have threatened to expropriate businesses that close. But major employers insisted the work stoppage was a grassroots protest and not a lockout aimed at sabotaging the already crippled economy. Story continues below video The stoppage followed mass protests this week across the country and recalled opposition tactics used in 2002 ahead of a coup against then President Hugo Chavez. But while Chavez is still revered, his hand-picked successor is widely unpopular. Polls show three out of four Venezuelans want Maduro out of office this year, blaming him for the worst economic crisis in decades, marked by triple-digit inflation and long food lines.

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Why do we have such a hard time setting boundaries? From this place of strength, we can generously and compassionately offer our time and attention to others. My belief is that I ran my emotional self and my body's immune system down during this traumatic and painful time. The month after my mother's death, I noticed what I thought was a new freckle on my leg, but when I got it checked out by a doctor, we discovered that it was malignant melanoma. For her, this meant having about 45 minutes of alone time while sitting in her favourite chair sipping tea and reading the newspaper - uninterrupted. I encouraged her to explain the situation to her mother and to find alternative ways for her mother to get connection with others. If you frequently find yourself saying YES in situations that you would really want to say NO in, fear is most likely a factor. Consider this feeling of guilt a sign of progress and a welcomed replacement to long harboured anger and resentment. 5. The simple answer is FEAR.