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Keri Russell took a break from socializing to admire the red dress a very pregnant Durrett was wearing. “Literally, she could have a baby tonight and she’s wearing the prettiest, most chic, amazing thing,” Russell said. “She just finished organizing all of the Met Ball, she’s about to have her third child and I saw her at preschool drop off today lugging two children up three flights of stairs, gonna have a baby tomorrow. I’m like, ‘What are you doing here at drop off?’ She’s like, ‘Ugh.’ She’s awesome.” “The Americans” actress continued to share that she loves shopping online, particularly at the end of the day. “So many of us shop this way now, online,” she said. “That’s, like, what I do late at night lying in bed when everyone’s asleep. There’s a half-hour of silence and I just sit there and look at beautiful things.” The ease of online shopping — and the lack of a one-stop shop for children’s clothes and accessories — is what inspired Durrett and Roccia to launch in the first place. “You come to expect conveniences of shopping for yourself, whether it’s for your clothing or for your groceries or whatever it is,” Durrett said. “You have all these resources online that make it really easy for you, but when it comes to your children, what you realize is it’s totally fragmented. There isn’t a centralized hub where you can find the beautiful things you need for them all in one place.” Roccia shared that her entry into the fashion industry was not intentional — she studied politics at Georgetown.

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