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That was Titan Group, which sold more than 500,000 units of that particular shoe. ) For the next 25 years, Nydish’s company designed and worked with designers on shoes sold by Kenneth Cole, J. Crew, and Madewell. Titan Group became the exclusive shoemakers for Lilly Pulitzer. With factories in India, Brazil, and China, Titan Group makes more than 3 million pairs of shoes a year. But even with that success, Nydish knew there was more that could be done. Always a stitch ahead of the retail curve, Nydish noticed about three years ago that malls were losing their cachet as internet shopping became more popular. Around the same time, Nydish met Khan, a businessman from southern India with connections to shoe factories, an interest in bespoke style, and a passion for menswear shoes. A new business, the Chelsea Shoe Co., was born. Nydish already has prototypes of CH by Cobble & Hyde, a lower-priced collection of men’s shoes. And he hasn’t ruled out producing women’s shoes.

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